Ensuring an attractive business environment

It remains vital that the UK is seen to be open for business. The UK must be recognised as an attractive place to do business; both for those looking to invest in Britain, those already here and those considering procuring products and services.

During the Brexit negotiations, regulations that damage UK competitiveness and create unnecessary bureaucracy should be scrapped. Similarly, Government should guarantee and build upon regulation that supports industry. We must ensure leaving the EU doesn’t create unnecessary new bureaucracy at our sea borders that delays the transit of goods and passengers, or puts obstacles in the way of selling our services.

Access to the single market has been crucial for so much of our industry, ensuring that the UK remains competitive and attractive, not least in encouraging foreign investment. Brexit negotiations should ensure that industry has an equally favourable arrangement that guarantees the availability of the people and skills, whilst recognising there are new opportunities for home-grown talent.

Customers of British maritime products and services should be able to visit the UK to place business and make purchases. Current visa arrangements can hamper such business. Equally, potential UK-bound passengers should not be deterred by restrictive visa arrangements.

Above all, it is crucial that the UK offers certainty, stability and predictability, allowing the maritime sector to focus on delivering the growth needed to support British jobs, drive innovation, and enable trade with the rest of the world.

  • Deliver an equally favourable trading relationship to the single market
  • Deliver new trade agreements with the rest of the world as soon as possible in order to prevent the setting of tariffs
  • Ensure minimum disruption to the movement of goods and people at the UK border
  • Strategically review the statutory residency test to ensure UK attractiveness for maritime industry investors
  • Ensure that industry has the people and skills needed work with industry when reviewing the continuity of existing EU regulation post-Brexit
  • Build a UK regulatory environment that maximises the nation’s competitive advantage
  • Create a visa regime that facilitates industry’s growth
  • Protect ‘passporting’ rights into the single market for financial services
  • Maintain reciprocal rights for those working abroad in the maritime sector