Maritime Leaders Forum: Session 2

  • Published:15 Dec 2022
  • Last updated:18 Jan 2023
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  • Start Date
    13 Feb 2023

    End date
    13 Feb 2023

    6 p.m. - 9 p.m.


The second session of the Maritime Leaders Forum will be held on Monday 13 February at Trinity House. Dr Iain Percy, CEO of Artemis Technologies, will lead the forum on how businesses can build successful consortia to deliver international success, attract funding and accelerate progress towards our climate change objectives.  

The forum is an opportunity for you to influence policy and share best practice with other leaders, as we work to energise the UK Maritime Sector while meeting the national and international Climate Change objectives. Iain Percy will make a keynote presentation which will be followed by an exchange of ideas and questions. At the conclusion of the formal session there will be a networking reception. As leaders, we face shared challenges, right across the maritime sector. Trinity House and Maritime UK have recognised the need to bring leaders together to discuss their approach to shared challenges, share practicable actions and discuss future priorities for action from both government and industry.

The meeting will see our guest speaker, Dr Iain Percy, offer his thoughts on collaboration to achieve innovation and attract funding as in the global and national search for technology to drive decarbonisation of the Maritime Industry.

Belfast Maritime Consortium, led by Artemis Technologies, has won a £33 million UK Government innovation grant to develop zero-emissions ferries in the city, which will revolutionise maritime transport's future. With further investment from consortium partners, the total project investment will reach close to £60m over the next four years, creating an initial 125 research and development jobs, and leading to more than 1,000 in the region over the next 10 years.

The 13 partner syndicate – which is a mix of established and young companies, including Belfast Harbour and Bombardier, academia and local public bodies – is the only Northern Irish or maritime recipient of the UK Research and Innovation flagship Strength in Places Fund.

There is a growing quantum of collaborative innovation funding available that requires collaborative bids. This session is designed to help businesses understand how such collaborations can best be built. 

The event will be at Trinity House, doors open at 1800 and the talk and discussion will begin at 1830, to be followed by the networking reception, finishing at 2100. The event is open to members of both Trinity House and Maritime UK (associations belonging to MUK). There is no charge for attending.

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