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Diversity and Inclusion is critical to business because it encourages success.  When success can be achieved by all, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, people perform better – and that means the business performs better.  Diverse organisations outperform their competitors.

We know that creating gender balanced interview panels can be challenging. What if you don’t have a female available to conduct your interviews? What if you don’t even have a female in your business? Or worse still, what if you don’t do anything about this? 

The Interview Pool is here to assist organisations access other women in the sector to help with your recruitment, enabling gender balanced interview panels to be created.

Why use the Interview Pool?

  • To balance your interview panel.
  • To overcome the pitfalls of all male interview panels, which can create a barrier to new entrants and succumb to bias, both conscious and unconscious.

Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive, The British Ports Association

“It was invaluable to have an outside view feeding into our advertising and recruitment decisions and also a great help in terms of running a process which, because of our size, is something we rarely undertake.”

Why volunteer in the Interview Pool? 

  • Access, network and support other women in the sector. 
  • Share your skills, learn and follow best practice - you do not need to have extensive interviewing or recruiting experience. Use this as an opportunity to develop a new skill.
  • Supporting the success of your sector – helping other businesses in your supply chain – ensuring the best talent is in the maritime sector. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – In kind, through gifting your time.
  • Your profile will appear on the dedicated Interview Pool Volunteer page


  • Pairing of volunteer interviewers and organisations through Maritime UK. 
  • Previous interviewing experience not required.  
  • 'The deal' – All of the detail has been taken care of. Participating companies/individuals will receive an Interview Pool pack including a confidentiality clause, privacy notice to applicants and guidance notes.