House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee: Menopause and the workplace survey results Fourth Special Report of Session 2021–22

The latest survey by the Parliamentary Committee finds 1 in 3 women missing work due to menopause symptoms.

In summary they say:

Most women do not tell anyone at work that they are going through the menopause, despite the vast majority finding that symptoms impact how they feel at work.

Key findings include:

  • 31% of respondents reported taking time off work due to menopause symptoms, which included problems with memory  or concentration ( 75%), anxiety / depression ( 69%) and headaches (41%) 
  • Despite this, less than a third of respondents told anyone at work and just under 11% requested adjustments in the workplace due to their symptoms
  • Almost one in five respondents did not know who to speak to in order to request adjustments, which led to them not speaking up

In a summary accompanying the results, the MPs conclude that there is still 'considerable stigma' about talking about menopause at work, and that a reticence to seek support arises 'out of concerns for privacy and worrying about the reaction of others'.

Read the full report below