University of Plymouth

About the university

Representing 3000 staff, researchers and students, the University of Plymouth's Marine Institute is the first and largest such institute in the UK. They provide the external portal to our extensive pool of world-leading experts and state-of-the-art facilities, enabling them to understand the relationship between the way we live, the seas that surround us and the development of sustainable policy solutions. They are integrating their multidisciplinary expertise in marine and maritime research, education and innovation to train new scientists, engineers, policy-makers, artists, technicians and business managers of the future.

The staff represented by the Marine Institute are housed within four University faculties (science and engineering, arts and humanities, business, health and human sciences) and form the broadest portfolio of marine expertise within a single institute in Europe. The university hope you enjoy reading about the scope and the relevance of the research and facilities the Marine Institute represents and the University’s marine education and innovation activities. Together with their partners, they are responding to the challenge of providing science, education, technological innovation and business leadership for tomorrow’s world.