Skills for Green Jobs

The MSC introduced this workstream to consider the importance of green skills in the Maritime sector and supporting the Commission’s commitment to weaving the green skills agenda through their work.

Current Situation:

 The Skills for Green Jobs Workstream is ongoing and work is underway to identify green skills shortages and to produce a matrix to map what is known of green skills for the maritime sector.


For further information on this work stream please contact Kit Williams -

Further Information and Background:

The UK maritime sector has significant work to do as it transitions to net-zero. To ensure the sector is successful in doing this it is critical that it is understood what skills will be required to underpin the transition and to ensure workers are able to adapt and transfer from areas of decreasing employment. 

As a strategic body, formed by Maritime UK and the Department of Transport, the MSC are committed to weaving the green skills agenda through our updated Scheme of Work but to be able to this the Commission needs to hear from industry about what is currently working; what challenges will be faced and, importantly, what does ‘green skills’ mean for different parts of the sector.

The MSC has partnered with Cornwall Marine Network and recruited a Green Skills Manager to deliver on the recommendations outlined in the position paper. Kit Williams was announced in the post during Green Careers Week 2022 and a press release can be found here.