Diversity in Maritime

Maritime UK is delighted to announce the launch of the Diversity in Maritime programme.

The Department for Transport's Maritime 2050 People Route Map states: "The maritime workforce of the future will be diverse. New roles, new technologies and a changing image of the sector will draw in people from all backgrounds across the entire UK" and recommends we expand on the fabulous foundations laid by the Women in Maritime Network to look at diversity as a whole. Diversity in Maritime has been launched to support this and ensure our sector has a continuous pipeline of highly skilled, diverse people.

Introducing Diversity in Maritime

The Diversity in Maritime Taskforce is made up of Chairs of the Networks and Working Groups to ensure cross-collaboration, where appropriate. You can view the Taskforce members here.

A central part of the programme, is the Women in Maritime Network. The network is an open, safe-space community which will continue to expand, grow and deliver a range of gender focused programmes and initiatives

Our three new networks are: Mental Health, Pride and Ethnicity. The networks all operate as open, safe-space communities. You can join the networks here.

There are four working groups that support the programme: Retention and Progression; Recruitment; Pledge and Charter; and Communications and Events.

Our latest resource: HR Guidance for Recruiters

A guide to support diversity in the Maritime sector. The document aims to initiate a thought-process around recruitment that leads to increased awareness about diverse recruitment in the maritime sector. 

We would like to thank the following for their significant contributions to this document: Professor Averil MacDonald, Maritime UK’s Women in Maritime Network and Recruitment Subgroup, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the Department for Transport, and all members of Maritime UK.

Interested in getting involved?

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For any queries about Diversity in Maritime and to get involved please contact Chrissie Clarke.