Interview Pool


Overview and benefits

Some of the companies that have signed up to the Charter will be small businesses, which we can assume will not have enough resource to have dedicated recruitment teams. Access to best practice in this area and crucially the ability to create interview panels that are gender balanced could be limited.

To overcome this, we are proposing that the many organisations that have signed up to the Pledge and/or Charter seek to collaborate with each other and fill this void. This opportunity is open to anyone and you do not have to have extensive interviewing or recruiting experience. Those with no prior interviewing experience can use this as an opportunity to develop a new skill. Involvement can also be two-fold – you can volunteer your time and also request a volunteer to work with you.

For the small businesses (Interviewing organisation) that need access to other interviewers there are clear benefits – they will be able to work with others in their sector, share best practice, develop their skills and most importantly create gender balanced interview panels.

For the larger businesses (Volunteering organisation) that would be assisting the smaller businesses, there are also many benefits, such as:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – In kind, through gifting your time.
  • Networking – widening your network and working closely with another organisation.
  • Learning – Opportunity to learn how recruitment is approached in different organisations.
  • Supporting the success of your sector – the smaller businesses may well be in your supply chain and helping them to recruit the right people will ultimately help you. (There are other ways you can also help your supply chain, e.g. passing on funds from your Apprenticeship Levy – contact Maritime UK for more information on this.)
  • PR – Maritime UK will do press coverage of the organisations participating in this. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your profession and to your sector. You will also feature on the Maritime UK website under the list of participating companies.  

'The deal'

In order for the Interview Panel Pool to be a success the following needs to be considered by both the Volunteering Organisation and the Interviewing Organisation.

  • Confidentiality Clause – This needs to be reviewed, signed and submitted to Maritime UK. 
  • Privacy notice to applicants – An example of notice to applicants has been created. It is advised that this is adapted to suit the realities of the Interviewing Organisation.
  • Time frames – In order for the companies to be matched there will need to be a minimum lead time of 21 days from initial enquiry to interview. The more notice that can be given to the Volunteering Organisation the better, to enable them to plan their diary and to attend the interview. 


The volunteers are giving their time in good faith. They are not necessarily recruiting experts and any hiring decisions made are solely the responsibility of the Interviewing Organisation. Maritime UK and the Volunteering Organisation will not be held accountable for the repercussions of any hiring decision. 

To make the exercise as meaningful as possible, the Interviewing Organisation should provide the Volunteering Organisation with information about the role and a brief company overview in advance of the interview. As a minimum, the job description for the role and the interview questions should be shared with the Volunteering Organisation in advance. A bank of interview questions is available for download here.

The minimum expectation in this deal is for a Volunteering Organisation to attend the interviews. Involvement beyond the interview, such as assisting with the shortlisting and advertising of the role may be welcomed by the Interviewing Organisation, but this is not expected.

It goes without saying, that the Interviewing Organisation will be relying on the Volunteering Organisation and that once the matching has been set up by Maritime UK, it is expected that this will take place.

Check list

  • Confidentiality clause – Review, sign and submit.
  • Privacy notice to applicants – Consider implementing.
  • Time frames – Have you provided Maritime UK with 21 days’ notice?
  • Company overview, job description and interview questions – Prepare and share.
  • PR – Why not shout about this collaboration on social media? Using #WomenInMaritime