Joining the 'Speaker Bank' - So what is the speaker bank? This is your opportunity to be one of the faces of the Women in Maritime Taskforce and of the sector. The Taskforce will provide coaching and support in your role. Through the networks each of us maintain we believe that we have experts from across the industry who can cover any topic. We aim to have at least one female panel member at every session at LISW 2019.

Joining the 'Interview Pool' - Some of the companies that have signed up to the Charter will be small businesses, which will not have enough resource to have dedicated recruitment teams. Access to best practice in this area and crucially the ability to create interview panels that are gender balanced could be limited. To overcome this, we are proposing that the many organisations that have signed up to the Pledge and Charter seek to collaborate and fill this void. Becoming a part of the Interview Pool is an opportunity open to anyone, and you do not have to have extensive interviewing or recruiting experience. Those with no prior interviewing experience can use this as an opportunity to develop a new skill. Involvement can also be two-fold – you can volunteer your time and even request a volunteer to work with you.  

Helping support toolkit collation or development - A vast amount of discussion has taken place about the barriers facing companies in achieving gender neutrality. Toolkits are resources designed to assist companies with their chosen areas of development, and they have sub-divided into the following categories:

  • Quick wins – e.g., short articles
  • Long-term projects – e.g. gender neutral recruitment campaigns
  • Case studies – learn from others facing the same challenges
  • Course, seminars, forums – best practice and peer support 

Serving on a Charter induction panel - To be inducted into the Charter an organisation will need to set out the baseline they are starting from, set stretching targets with timeframes to improve gender diversity and lay out what steps they will take to achieve their goals.

At a Charter induction panel, for this process to work, we need panel members to check the commitment made by charter companies and the support required to realise them.

Offering a venue - Have you got access to space that we could use for small meetings, large seminars, receptions or workshop for the Women in Maritime taskforce? Let us know!

Sponsoring the programme or its initiatives - Some of the solutions identified in the subgroups have cost implications that we need to meet to deliver the partnership promised by our charter. We need your help in securing sponsorship to produce tailored toolkits, online tools, and events.

Joining a Subgroup - We are always looking for fresh faces to contribute to the subgroups; everyone has ideas and opinions that we value, so come and be part of the solution . The four sub-groups are Recruitment, Retention, Total Package, and Charter and Policy.