Mersey Maritime Policy Forum

  • Published:26 Sep 2023
  • Last updated:26 Sep 2023
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    16 Oct 2023

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    16 Oct 2023

    10:30 a.m. - noon

MM Policy Forum

Scarlett Black, Programme Executive (Skills) at Maritime UK and Kit Williams, Maritime Sustainability Skills Manager at Maritime UK will be joining us for our Policy Forum to provide an overview of the top priorities within ‘Skills and Green Skills’.

To ensure a growing and thriving sector, a skilled workforce is necessary if we are to realise the opportunities a green economy offers and to support green growth. While supporting this and working towards the ‘Maritime 2050’ objectives, with the main focus being net zero, this means a prioritisation of skills in environmental and low carbon industries, but that alone is not sufficient. Come along to discuss and explore the maritime skills gaps and what the industry needs to do, to address them in the years ahead.

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