Policy Working Group

  • Published:8 Mar 2024
  • Last updated:8 Mar 2024
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    25 Jul 2024

The Policy WG analyses policy issues of concern to the sector as a whole, providing guidance to Maritime UK's National Council in the process.

Member organisations can raise issues of importance to their industry for discussion within the Members' Forum of Policy WG, in addition to the standing items already up for discussion in the agenda.

Examples of Maritime UK policy documents drafted in partnership with members of the Policy WG include the Programme for Government (October 2022), the Offshore Wind Plan (March 2023), and the Maritime Manifesto (April 2024).

The agenda for the upcoming meeting will be circulated to members of the Policy WG one week prior to the meeting's date. For moreĀ information about the Policy WG, you can write to Giorgio Buttironi atĀ gbuttironi@maritimeuk.org.