Blog: Feature in our 'Diversity in Maritime' launch video


We're excited to announce that we will be launching Diversity in Maritime on Tuesday 5 May!

We want you to help us launch Diversity in Maritime by recording a short video on your own device.  


  • We'd like you to record a short 15 second video of yourself on your ipad, phone or other device. This can be  onsite (if you are key worker and it is possible to use your device at your workplace) or in your home office/garden/anywhere you are working from. If you are working with kids at home, do have them in the video too!
  • If you can access a printer, use the video card (below) with our new Diversity in Maritime logo and hold it up as you talk.
  • Simply record yourself answering one or either of the two questions: 1) Working in the maritime sector is great because…” 2) “Creating a diverse maritime sector is important because…” 

Next steps

Once you've recorded the video, please send the file with your name, role and company to Chrissie Clarke by 21 April 2020, and completed consent form below.

We're really excited to be launching Diversity in Maritime, and we'll be making announcements very soon.