Maritime Growth Study

A report on the competitiveness of the UK maritime sector and recommendations to support future growth.

A report containing the findings of the Maritime Growth Study. It includes recommendations to both government and industry on:

  • maintaining the UK’s position as a world-leading maritime centre
  • exploiting opportunities to generate further growth in the sector

The study was chaired by Lord Mountevans, who recommends that action is taken in specific areas to provide:

  • leadership by both government and industry, including a more commercial and responsive UK maritime administration within government and an industry-led promotional body
  • more proactive action to replenish and develop the skills needed to maintain our position as a world-leading maritime centre
  • effective marketing by industry and government of what the UK maritime sector has to offer both domestically and internationally


Maritime Growth Study: keeping the UK competitive in a global market
Size 10.7 MB: maritime-growth-study-keeping-UK-competitive.pdf