Enabling Small Boat Electrification


This new project is our first step towards being able to offer a zero tailpipe emission solution to our clients. Lancing marine supply engine propulsion equipment to enable motors to be used within marine environments ranging from sailing auxiliary through to commercial support such as fishing. Our desire is to enable greater deployment of Electrified powertrain by providing the equipment necessary for marine operations. Substantial effort will be required to ensure the correct cooling system of Heat Exchanger, circulation pumps and cooling media are provided that is compatible with the EV components such as Battery, Inverter/Control System and Motor, to avoid risk of component degradation. In addition we have capability to interage powertrain within the vessel so to ensure optimised mountain, power transmission and propeller selection. We are not attempting to compete with large scale propulsion system providers, we are wanting to provide a pragmatic and achievable solution for such providers to integrate their systems within a marine environment.

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