News: Inaugural Meeting of the Maritime Council.

By: Rosy Staines

Engagement & Marketing Executive

Today, Maritime UK National Chair, Robin Mortimer, and Secretary of State for Transport, Mark Harper MP, opened the inaugural meeting of the Maritime Council. 

The Department for Transport (DfT) set up the Maritime Council in May 2023 to oversee the delivery of recommendations outlined in the Maritime 2050 strategy, which was launched more than four years ago. 

The Council will bring government departments face-to-face with industry stakeholders, including members of Maritime UK, to take stock of the progress to date in fulfilling the ambitions of Maritime 2050 and, to accelerate delivery through the setting up of Task and Finish Groups.

With a considerable number of recommendations due for delivery before the end of 2024, the Maritime Council will play an important role in stimulating the implementation of key priorities under the maritime sector’s first overarching strategy. Its quarterly meeting will be co-chaired by the Maritime Minister and Maritime UK’s National Chair.

Chris Shirling-Rooke, CEO Designate, Maritime UK, said: 

“I am delighted to see the creation of the new Maritime Council, an industry and government led initiative signifying the next chapter of the Maritime 2050 journey. 

“Our members welcome the opportunity to maintain a strong and collaborative working relationship with the Department for Transport. Such a relationship is beneficial not only to maritime itself but also to the overall UK economy, as the sector's contribution of over £116 billion is significant, and plays a vital role in supporting various industries, facilitating trade and creating employment opportunities for around 1.1 million people across all four nations.”

Maritime Minister, Baroness Vere, said: 

 “It’s not just for government to set out a plan, it has to be something that all parties can make a reality.

 “Collaboration with the industry will help deliver our shared Maritime 2050 vision revolutionising the UK’s relationship with other countries, grow and upskill the maritime workforce and advance our world class safety standards.”

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