News: Maritime UK chairman urges more cooperation with Hong Kong

The entrepreneurship and trading instincts that make Hong Kong "the commercial jewel in this region's economically miraculous crown" was lauded by Maritime UK chairman David Dingle speaking to the Hong Kong Shipowners' Association (HKSOA).

"Britain and Hong Kong are as much joined at the hip as they ever have been; partners, friends, dependents, the two ends of the Belt and Road initiative, each a primary gateway to the great markets of Europe and Asia," Dingle told a lunch meeting held by HKSOA.

He also emphasised the strong belief that both parties have in free trade and investment and their resistance to protectionism and economic nationalism.

"We have so much in common, most obviously our shared maritime heritage," he said. This is a heritage that should be vigorously carried forward into the future, Dingle reiterated as Hong Kong works towards its ambitious goals to be pre-eminent in maritime business in Asia while Britain aims to protect and build on its areas of world leadership and to ensure that it is unquestionably the place to conduct all forms of maritime business especially in Europe.

Dingle acknowledged that while both Hong Kong and Britain are equally ambitious in taking market share, rather than being competitors, "we recognise the strength of working as partners to deliver the best long term benefits for each of us".

The Maritime UK chairman was passing through Hong Kong after a visit to Shanghai as part of a Maritime UK and UK government trade mission aimed at boosting maritime ties between the UK and China.

From Seatrade