News: Maritime UK statement on P&O Ferries

Commenting on the decision by P&O Ferries to dismiss 800 seafarers on Thursday, a spokesperson for Maritime UK said:

“We are a membership organisation, but when we disagree with the actions of one of our companies, we should say so. 

“We fully appreciate the challenges that some of our maritime businesses have faced largely as a result of the pandemic, and that for some, this has resulted in very difficult decisions having to be made. Whilst we do not know all the facts, Maritime UK does not believe the way P&O Ferries has handled its dismissal of 800 seafarers reflects the values of the sector and our ambition to provide quality and secure careers across the country. Our thoughts are with all the staff that have been impacted. 

“We urge P&O Ferries to engage constructively with government, trade associations and unions, and we will be continuing to monitor this situation very closely.”


Maritime UK is committed to Maritime 2050, the sector’s long-term strategy to ensure the UK’s position as the world’s leading maritime centre by 2050. At the heart of Maritime 2050 is a 'people' chapter, with clear ambitions to inspire people to consider roles in the sector, to expand the talent pool by increasing diversity, to invest in skills and training, to develop career pathways, and operate within a social framework. There has been much good work in this space, with colleagues across the sector volunteering their time to go into schools and colleges, more and more companies committing to robust plans to improve diversity and inclusion, and a much greater focus on belonging, mental health and wellbeing. There is genuine and real progress being made across the maritime sector.