News: Maritime UK partners with “Exporting Is GREAT”


Maritime UK, which brings together the UK’s shipping, ports, marine and business services sectors has today partnered with the Exporting Is GREAT initiative, to help drive forward the industry’s ambitious exports agenda.

The maritime industry contributes £22.2bn to UK GDP and supports 500,000 jobs. Its sectors include shipping, ports, marine and business services; which together drive exports and inward investment, as well as remaining the fundamental enabler of trade in and out of this country.

Today, Maritime UK announced that it is partnering with the UK Government’s Exporting Is GREAT initiative to help small and medium-sized businesses in the UK jumpstart and expand their success in overseas markets.

Exporting Is GREAT aims to significantly increase the number of UK businesses selling internationally by providing support throughout all stages of the exporting process, from identifying opportunities through to winning international contracts. The initiative is part of the international GREAT Britain campaign and is scheduled to run through 2020.

As the lead Maritime partner to join the initiative, Maritime UK will provide key trade-related content for members. Working with government specialists that help UK-based companies succeed in the global economy, Maritime UK is collaborating on a dedicated interface for trade management information, guidance, and critical information. Maritime UK aims to enable members and their companies to quickly and easily evaluate international business opportunities, including the destination import customs requirements and potential beneficial trade programs and guide them on the documentation requirements.

“We are delighted to become the lead Exporting Is GREAT partner for the maritime industry. This partnership demonstrates the seriousness that both industry and government place on driving exports from our industry. Through this initiative, Maritime UK looks forward to being able to provide specialist exporting support to UK companies across the shipping, ports, marine and business services sectors, helping capitalise on the significant opportunities to export worldwide.” said David Dingle CBE, Chairman of Maritime UK.

Trade and Investment Minister, Lord Price, said: “This government is aiming to inspire 100,000 more UK exporters to seek out new markets and sell their goods and services around the world by 2020. I'm delighted that Maritime UK has become an Exporting Is GREAT partner and I look forward to working together, to support more UK businesses and empower them to take advantage of the opportunities out there.”

About Exporting Is GREAT

Exporting Is GREAT partners with major UK businesses to inspire and support 100,000 additional UK exporters to sell their goods and services overseas by 2020. Exporting Is GREAT to support companies at every stage of their exporting journey – from identifying opportunities to winning contracts overseas.

At ambitious UK businesses can register their interest for real-time global export opportunities, as well as access expert advice, trade services, training, and events. The site contains thousands of export opportunities – worth hundreds of millions of pounds and organised by sector and market – which are easily accessible. A thousand new opportunities are being uploaded each month.

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About Maritime UK

Maritime UK brings together the UK's shipping, ports, marine and business services sectors, to drive forward an ambitious agenda for growth, to promote the UK as a world-class maritime sector and to unite the maritime community in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

As the engine of British trade, the UK maritime and marine sectors support over 500,000 jobs, contribute £22.2bn to UK GDP and drive exports and inward investment.

As an island nation, our industry is a vital part of our heritage and of our modern economy – supporting jobs, driving innovation and enabling trade. 

Put simply, it is the maritime industry’s job to ensure that the UK is open for business and Maritime UK, in conjunction with industry and government stakeholders works to ensure that the importance of our industry is recognised at all levels.