Platform 2050

Platform 2050 is a space to share thoughts and predictions on the future of the maritime sector. 

The Department for Transport has launched a landmark strategy to make the most of future opportunities for the nation’s maritime industries to thrive.

The maritime sector (comprising shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine) is the fundamental enabler of British global trade. The UK sector exports its own cutting-edge maritime products and services. With innovative technology, high-quality design & manufacturing, unparalleled expertise in services and major investment opportunities, the UK is the natural home for maritime business.

We support just under 1 million jobs and contribute around £40bn to UK GDP

To generate the most effective Maritime 2050 strategy, we are keen that as many people from within (and from outside) the maritime sector share their thoughts, predictions and likely challenges the future will present. 

If you have something to add to the debate, get in touch:

Maritime UK will share material with the Department for Transport.