UK Port Supply Chain Excellence Document

The UK ports industry is a global leader. From the development of ideas and models through to planning, management, financial services, information systems and management, education, training, equipment, design and maritime security; UK companies are now exporting specific skills in all of the component areas of the sector to all corners of the world. UK companies have substantial expertise in all areas of port development and operation and are helping overseas government, ports and port developers to deliver the right port for their country and their customers. These skills are deployed overseas, assisting other countries in private sector port management. With a proven history in delivering worldscale port projects, UK planning and design firms and niche maritime consultants are among the best in the world in drawing all of these different strands together. The UK has a pioneering role to play to ensure that the main arteries of world trade are secure and safe for all. While the UK’s  training industry is synonymous with quality and excellence blending innovation with tradition seamlessly.

Ensuring the ports sector operates to the highest standards. From operators to equipment suppliers, security companies to engineering consultants and from lawyers to bankers, the UK represents the ideas and vision, the engineering ingenuity and the fiscal and management skills that can develop and deliver port projects across the world. The UK is leading the way to develop greener more sustainable ports and is embracing the latest technology to make ports smart, safe, secure and efficient. This document provides information on the capabilities available in the UK, and some of the excellent companies working in many regions globally.