#NetZeroMaritime Showcase

The opportunity for your organisation

We are looking for a selection of case studies that can be used to showcase projects that are having a positive impact on the decarbonisation of the maritime sector. This is an opportunity to showcase your organisation’s work in Maritime UK's #NetZeroMaritime Showcase, highlighting its relevance to delivery of the government's ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution

What type of case studies are of interest?

Examples of projects that have had a tangible positive impact on the environment, particularly if this can be quantified, and demonstrates the potential or realised contribution a project has made towards the decarbonisation of the maritime sector. 

How best should case studies be presented?

The case study should be written as narrative text, telling an impactful story that captures the following:

  • The title of the project, name of the organisations leading/supporting delivery of the project, and any funding agreed and publicly known.
  • How the project is helping to address reduce or remove carbon emissions from the maritime sector. 
  • The long-term ambitions for the project, and how it aims to help address the problem, with timebound long-term targets, where known.
  • The progress that has been made on the project to date, in particular since publication of the Clean Maritime Plan, including any key lessons learnt from the process.
  • Realised positive impacts of the project from the progress made to date, where known.
  • Future plans for the project, with a specific focus on priorities for delivery over the next year.
  • Potential positive impacts of the project on the environment, and over what timeframes.
  • Contact details for any follow-up questions on the case study.
  • A couple of eye-catching images, or illustrations to complement the narrative text.

What is the maximum page length for a case study?

A maximum of one page of A4, Arial (Body) Font size 12 narrative text (excluding any images, illustrations)

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