Aline Bezerra

Role Global Product Marketing Manager
Organisation Inchcape Shipping Services

With more than 15 years of experience helping customer to achieve their KPIs and solve their pain points, Aline spent the first 10 years working in logistic and shipping before she moved to Product Marketing 8 years ago, where she worked with eBLs and shipbuilding software. Passionate about technology and innovations that solve real-world problems, Aline has joined Inchcape Shipping Services to work together with the product, commercial, marketing teams and customers to unlock the power of the digitalisation and deliver high level of services worldwide. 

Aline enjoys the complexity and how diverse the maritime industry is, even if it is an industry that are behind in things like inclusion, equality and diversity promotion. She is keen to play her part to help spread the word, drive changes. 

“Things are moving on and we need to attract young talents. The challenge is that they want to work for companies that share their values. They are interested in inclusion, diversity and equality among other things. So, the more we do to better shape/change the industry to be more inclusive, the more talented people we will be able to attract and retain and business will thrive!”.

Expertise: Technology; Careers; Marketing and Communications


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