Maritime London

Maritime London is a not for profit promotional body for UK-based companies that provide professional services to the international shipping industry.

Maritime London’s mission is to promote the UK as the world’s premier maritime business centre.

Maritime London objectives in support of the mission are:

  • To represent collectively and raise the profile of maritime professional business services
  • To facilitate new business for members through trade promotion
  • To attract shipowners, operators and cargo interests to the UK
  • To build upon historic and present-day advantages of the UK as the pre-eminent base for international maritime professional business services
  • To assure a professional maritime skills base through the encouragement, recruitment and retention of British seafarers
  • To promote British maritime training and education
  • To encourage networking between its members in order to build closer contacts
  • To organise industry events aimed at bringing members up-to-date on recent developments in the maritime industry

Membership of Maritime London is open to any company that is able to demonstrate support for the UK’s maritime services sector on a global basis.

The Board of Directors is elected by and drawn from the diverse membership giving Maritime London its direction. This is augmented by two member only meetings each year where suggestions and ideas for the future are received.

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