Careers and Outreach Programme impact report

On 30 January Maritime UK launched its Careers and Outreach Programme impact report for the period 2020-21.

The report sets out progress in delivering careers and outreach activity since Maritime UK received funding from the Department for Transport as part of the 'Maritime 2050' delivery programme.

The umbrella body for the UK’s maritime industries was tasked with better coordinating existing careers activity and making progress in reaching key audiences as the country aims to become the world’s leading maritime nation by 2050.

The report shows success across several key areas, including:

  • Engagement with 49,000 people across the strategy’s target audience
  • A new cross-sector industry ambassador programme that has delivered maritime careers information directly to over 23,000 school children
  • A new UK-wide careers professionals’ network with 404 members accessing resources, attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions, and now reflecting maritime within their career programmes and in guidance work
  • new public-facing website with new resources and videos showcasing the careers on offer across the maritime sector
  • The programme is now recognised by local authorities and educators as a quality provider of information and support to those seeking to reflect the maritime sector within their activity

The Maritime 2050 People Route Map was published in September 2019, as part of the Maritime 2050 Strategy, the UK maritime sector’s long-term strategy, setting out a high-level vision for its future. It set out clear priorities for the sector’s careers and outreach activities, including inspiring young people to consider a career in maritime and ensure career progression for those who are already embarking on a career in maritime. The Maritime UK programme has been in direct response to a ‘tasking letter’ from the then Maritime Minister, Kelly Tolhurst MP.

The report sets out several headline projects, including Regional Engagement Plans, which are supporting regional clusters to identify, plan and deliver careers activity relevant to their needs. The Careers Professional Network facilitates knowledge sharing between those who work in the sector and job seekers of all ages, including schools and FE colleges, while the Industry Ambassador Programme delivers careers talks at schools and colleges to promote the industry and their organisation.

Maritime UK members and companies from across the sector have supported Maritime UK’s Programme Manager, Lorna Wagner, through participation in a Careers Taskforce, and as a Careers Campaign Partner. Metrics within the report demonstrate the number of people engaging with the programme across different audiences such as parents, young people and careers advisers.

Robert Courts MP, Maritime Minister at the Department for Transport, said:

“The UK’s maritime sector keeps our economy moving and there are a vast range of exciting careers in maritime, whether you are starting out, looking to develop or to transfer into the sector.

“I’m delighted to see Maritime UK’s success in showcasing all the industry has to offer. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the amount that has been achieved is incredible and highly commendable.”

Catherine Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, The Seafarers’ Charity, and Chair of the Maritime UK Careers Taskforce, said:

“The Impact Report demonstrates the commitment and value of the work coordinated by the programme lead and members of the Taskforce. Enormous progress has been made in setting up an ‘Ambassadors Network’ and we have dramatically increased engagement with potential employees of all ages and careers influencers.”

Lorna Wagner, Programme Manager (Careers and Outreach) at Maritime UK, said:

“We are delighted to be able to report upon the activity and impact to date but recognise this is only the beginning. With continued support from industry, we are excited to progress this work further. The maritime sector is moving at a faster pace than ever, and this programme is helping to take that message to educators and school children all over the country. We have ambitions for maritime to be a go-to sector, featured in schools, colleges and elsewhere, and we’re now making real progress in that direction. This report shows that by working together we can really get the message out about maritime and help ensure the skills needed to realise our ambitions for the sector.”