'Skills for Green Jobs' Regional Stakeholder Workshops

  • Published:24 Jan 2023
  • Last updated:29 Apr 2023
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    Nations and Regions

  • Start Date
    20 Apr 2023

    End date
    18 May 2023

MSC - Skills for Green Jobs 2023

Welcome to the second wave of Regional Stakeholder Workshops which form a component of the Skills for Green Jobs workstream, a project being delivered through a partnership between the Maritime Skills Commission (MSC) and Cornwall Marine Network (CMN). 

The Regional Stakeholder Workshops support the recently-launched Skills for Green Jobs Survey, the second of two surveys launched to investigate the demand for sustainability/green skills across the maritime sector.  The survey, aimed at the operational workforce within an organisation, will provide data which will highlight the shortage and demand for green skills amongst the operational workforce.  

The Regional Stakeholder Workshops however, are aimed at those within an organisation who are either high-level or are classed as decision-makers within the organisation.  The workshops will collate supporting data which will highlight the shortage and demand for green skills from a strategic perspective, investigating both the short-term and long-term priorities of green skills acquisition for organisations as they transition to a more sustainable/green future. 

With the findings collected from the survey and workshops combined, this will feed in to the Skills for Green Jobs report, will shed some light on the green skills shortage in the Maritime sector, and ultimately assist in populating a comprehensive matrix highlighting the demand and supply of green skills training both on a regional and national scale.

Nation/Region Date/Time of Workshop Is the Workshop Hybrid or Online/Remote?
London and South East England Thursday 20 April 1-3 pm Hybrid (London at Associated British Ports)
East Anglia Friday 21 April 1-3 pm Hybrid (London at Trinity House)
Northern Ireland Tuesday 2 May 10-12 pm Online/Remote
South West England Wednesday 3 May 10-12 pm Online/Remote
Solent Thursday 4 May 1-3 pm Online/Remote
Humber and North East England Wednesday 10 May - 1-3 pm Online/Remote
Mersey Thursday 11 May - 1-3 pm Online/Remote
Wales Wednesday 17 May - 1-3 pm Online/Remote
Scotland Thursday 18 May - 1-3 pm Online/Remote