Green Skills Survey

Welcome to the second of two short surveys which make up the Skills for Green Jobs workstream, a project being delivered through a partnership between the Maritime Skills Commission (MSC) and Cornwall Marine Network (CMN).

In June 2022, it was highlighted by the Maritime Skills Commission (MSC) within their  Skills for Green Jobs Position Paper  that the MSC adopts the following definition of 'green' in relation to skills and jobs as:

  1. Jobs/Skills that are green by nature (such as ecologists and conservationists).
  2. Jobs/Skills which have a green purpose but are redirecting transferable skills.
  3. Supporting skills such as communication and community engagement on green issues.
  4. Supporting skills needed to make a business 'greener' to operate.

This survey will address the first two points from above, the ‘green’ skills.  The latter two points were addressed in the first survey which was released earlier in the year, specifically covering 'sustainability skills' in the maritime sector.

The purpose of this survey is to not only identify the extent of the skills gaps in the sector, but also to add clarity on the Skills for Green Jobs workstream as it progresses, especially in the differentiation between the two terms of 'sustainability' and 'green'.  To ensure the data collected is not clouded in confusion between the definitions of the two terms, a survey is dedicated to each term.

For this survey, 'Skills for Green Jobs' will be investigated by taking a closer look at how individuals and organisations from across the maritime sector are transitioning towards a sustainable/green future. 

Participants are encouraged to include as much detail within their answers as they wish.

The findings from this survey will feed in to the Skills for Green Jobs report by exposing the green skills shortage in the maritime sector, and assist in populating a comprehensive matrix highlighting the demand and supply of green skills training both on a regional and national scale.

By completing this survey candidly and honestly, the true extent of the skills gap and shortages in the sector can be realised and remedied. 

Thank you for taking part and making a difference.