Submission: Maritime 2050 call for evidence

Maritime UK has provided its initial submission to the government's Maritime 2050 call for evidence.

Maritime UK brings together the UK’s shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to promote the sector, influence government and drive growth.

The maritime sector is the fundamental enabler of British global trade. The UK sector exports its own cutting-edge maritime products and services. With innovative technology, high-quality design & manufacturing, unparalleled expertise in services and major investment opportunities, the UK is the natural home for maritime business.

We support just under 1 million jobs and contribute around £40bn to UK GDP

Our sector is a vital part of our island nation's heritage and of our modern economy – supporting jobs, driving innovation and enabling trade. Our sector also enables millions of people to enjoy the recreational benefits of the UK's coastal and inland waterways.

This submission draws upon the individual submissions of our members. Their submissions explore themes in greater detail with regard to their part of the maritime sector. This submission aims to highlight recurring and joint issues of interest and provide a holistic response to the call for evidence.

Maritime UK and our members warmly welcome the government’s decision to create a 2050 strategy for the maritime sector, noting that other Department for Transport modes have existing 2050 strategies.

We are committed to participating in the series of planned workshops to shape the strategy and to work with government to create any action plan for delivery. We plan to launch our own series of online content on Maritime 2050; asking companies and representatives from across the sector to share their thoughts, predictions and ambitions for what the sector will look like in 2050, where the UK can capitalise, and what the strategy needs to deliver.

We ask that government ensures the new strategy builds upon existing activity, and supports existing initiatives such as the maritime sector deal. That proposal should be viewed as a vehicle for delivering recommendations from Maritime 2050.

Having redefined the breadth of the sector through its Maritime Growth Study, it is vital that this next Department for Transport project embraces and delivers for the breadth of the maritime sector: shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine.