Join a Maritime UK Innovation Group

Hear the latest opportunities for innovation, funding and collaboration via two national groupings open to the Maritime UK family of member and affiliate organisations. 

Quarterly online and face to face meetings enable critical networks and knowledge sharing to take place across maritime and also feeding in best practice from other sectors. 

The Technology and Innovation Group (TIG) is a forum for both Industry, Accademia and Government to identify, discuss and action initiatives to support technological developments pertinent to the growth of the UK maritime sector (shipping, ports, engineering, science, services and leisure industries).

The TIG is focussed around innovation that supports and enables the delivery of the Maritime 2050 strategy. Quarterly meetings create a forum to showcase the best of the UK innovation offer, including funding, support, and investment. Through close liaison with government the group has access to the latest policy and developments with regard to cross sector innovation feeding into maritime.

Recent meetings have covered: Innovation funding, Innovation across UK clusters, development of UK Maritime Centres of Excellence,   Composite Recycling and Decarb at Sail GP.

Maritime Hydrogen Fuels Group

The group brings together those who are involved or have an interest in hydrogen in maritime applications with the aims of:

  • Accelerating the adoption of the hydrogen as a fuel in maritime,
  • Increasing UK economic growth, productivity, R&D, and investment,
  • Showcasing the latest close to market research and technology developments,
  • Sharing opportunities around maritime hydrogen including for funding, R&D, partnering, skills and innovation,
  • Creating a forum to link those looking for investment with the investment community,
  • Convening a group capable of providing advice to government (especially DFT, BEIS and DIT) ref the development of maritime hydrogen.

Quarterly network meetings enable knowledge exchange and collaboration between those involved with developing maritime hydrogen and also enable cross-sector, cross-modal knowledge exchange and collaboration so that development in maritime hydrogen works alongside that in other sectors.

Recent meetings have covered: funding for Hydrogen, UK Hydrogen Strategy, leading case studies, lessons learned from LNG development, propulsion systems and technology road mapping.

To join either group individuals should be a affiliated to one of the Maritime UK Member organisations to discuss membership options contact

To request to join either group contact the Maritime UK Innovation Lead