Diversity Pledges and Charter

We are committed to building an employment culture that actively supports and celebrates diversity and inclusion, at all levels, throughout our organisation, and our industry.

Diversity in Maritime Pledges

The Women in MaritimeMental Health in Maritime and Conference and Events Panel Pledges are the first step to becoming a Diversity in Maritime Charter organisation.

Signatories to the pledges will be making clear their support for creating positive change within their respective organisations, and collectively, across the UK maritime sector.

Each pledge signatory will have the opportunity to profile their work to improve diversity and inclusion within their respective organisation. Maritime UK will profile pledge organisations, with their permission, through blogs and our social media accounts.

Find out more about the Pledges and how to get involved below.

Diversity in Maritime Charter

Once you have signed the Diversity in Maritime Pledges the next step is to become a Diversity in Maritime Charter organisation. The Charter creates a framework to challenge organisations to make progress on diversity and inclusion, and is supported by a suite of ‘toolkits’, initiatives and resources to help organisations realise those targets.

Charter organisations are required to agree an ‘action plan’, setting out individual targets for each participating company. A key commitment is that companies identify a member of senior management responsible for implementation of the action plan as well as distributing a survey to staff on workplace culture. Performance against action plans will be self-assessed via online portal and national performance published in an annual report.

Find out more below about the Charter below and how to get involved.