Webinar #2 Recording - Build Back Better - People

Date: 19 January 2022

Governments around the world have resolved to “Build Back Better” from the global coronavirus pandemic. 

This Maritime UK event series seeks to answer this question whilst focusing on its key National Priorities of Innovation, People, Competitiveness, Regional Growth, and the Environment. The series began in May with a panel of industry experts sharing their high-level thoughts on what Building Back Better means to them and their part of the sector.

This webinar focused on the People pillar, and specifically how the maritime sector can invest in those that work in the industry. This can be through skilling the workforce, or by creating a culture that encourages personal development, diversity, and a safe environment for employees.

 The Maritime 2050 Strategy made it clear that people are the future of the maritime sector and the lifeblood that enables success. The strategy was in large part concerned with establishing structures and initiatives that could drive future ambitions forward, ensure better coordination and collaboration across the sector and involve a greater diversity of people to promote opportunities and inclusivity

This webinar was primarily concerned with the short-term actions that need to be taken to help the maritime sector, as well as the wider economy which it serves, recover from the pandemic.  


  • Robin Mortimer, Vice-Chair of Maritime UK and CEO of Port of London Authority (Moderator)
  • Graham Baldwin, Chair, Maritime Skills Commission
  • John Cousley, Head of Seafarer, Safety, People, Technology and Infrastructure, Department for Transport
  • Kerry Hourihan, Head of Maritime Skills, Diversity and Merchant Navy Medal, Maritime Operations, Department for Transport
  • Iain Mackinnon, Maritime Skills Commissioner
  • Catherine Spencer, Chair, Careers in Maritime Taskforce
  • Sue Terpilowski, Co-Chair, Diversity in Maritime Taskforce