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EcoSpeed Marine is Bronze Sponsor for the COP26 International Maritime Hub.

About 25 years ago, after many years of success introducing ground-breaking and industry shaping technologies into the automotive industry, Anne & Ian Duncan changed direction to develop similarly innovative products for the marine industry. On the cusp of early commercial success with the introduction of a unique and game-changing mechanical propulsion and control system for the leisure market the 2008 Global Financial Crisis hit and progress stalled.

The next years were spent on updates to the AI control software and producing a propulsion and control system suitable for hybrid or electric use for larger vessels, in particular dry bulkers. By this time the IMO regulations were starting to come in and the whole system was firmly targeted at helping the industry comply with the new legislation. The products are very versatile and scalable; they can comply with IMO emission and efficiency targets by simply using low-sulphur fuel oil or can be configured for alternative fuels bringing further emissions and fuel savings.

Six years of testing and trials have reinforced reliability and durability expectations whilst three validations of the technologies have been undertaken. Results have surpassed accepted convention and were very close to the EcoSpeed development team predictions. The EcoSpeed Marine LTD team and the technology are now ready for the next step into the larger commercial marine sector specifically dry bulkers and short-sea tankers. The aim is to get the product to market as soon as possible with the added attraction that it can be combined with any number of other existing or emergent technologies and fuels to give significant additional reductions in emissions, gains in efficiency, leading to exceptional fuel and emissions savings. Therefore it is highly suitable to be used in several of the bulker/tanker groupings now taking place, where products are to be trialled together on several fleets.

A whole range of different sized inboard mechanical systems were produced and proved successful but it was not until the product was simplified and made electric or hybrid that EcoSpeed Marine LTD products started to be recognized as one of the game changing products which could assist shipping in saving on emissions and fuel without the need for scrubbers etc. EcoSpeed products are fuel agnostic and even with LNG, EcoSpeed Marine products will still add considerably to the overall savings to fuel and emissions.

After numerous requests from shipowners EcoSpeed Marine LTD have reverted to using proven and highly successful technology from automotive sector which they have patented. EcoSpeed Marine LTD have just updated their safety aspects to give increased safety - direct braking means that even dry bulkers and tankers can stop quickly and remain stable with EcoSpeed Marine LTD collision avoidance mechanism and complete direction control. 

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