Unitrove is Bronze Sponsor for the COP26 International Maritime Hub.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Unitrove’s commitment to creating a virtuous world powered entirely by clean energy. We are committed to being carbon-neutral by 2030 or sooner and carbon-negative thereafter to help contribute towards offsetting global emissions.

We take a holistic approach to sustainability by embracing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a complete framework, helping us to contribute towards all goals collectively without compromise.

In order to deliver an effective environmental management system, we will:

  • embrace the global principles of ISO 14000 “Environmental Management”
  • assess the environmental impacts of our operations and set objectives and targets
  • systematically review and continually strive to improve our environmental performance
  • gain and act upon feedback from our various stakeholders
  • maintain and review the environmental management system

In accordance with our business ethics and principles, we will:

  • integrate environmental and sustainability considerations into all our decisions
  • comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • use energy, water and other resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible
  • minimise waste and actively seek opportunities to reuse and recycle material
  • minimise pollution and emissions generated through our own operations
  • communicate this policy to all our stakeholders including our own employees
  • implement and enforce this policy at all levels within the organisation
  • provide appropriate resources to meet the commitments of this policy
  • instill our ethics and principles throughout our entire supply chain
  • identify and provide appropriate training, advice and information
  • encourage learning and development on environmental and sustainability issues
  • encourage development of new sustainability ideas and initiatives

Unitrove showcased the world's first Liquid Hydrogen Bunkering Facility at the International Maritime Hub on Friday 5 November.

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