Mental Health in Maritime Network

Our Mental Health Network was launched in May 2020 as part of the Diversity in Maritime programme.

Aims of the Network

  1. To provide a collaborative platform to share information among all organisations, in support of aiding others to achieve and develop mental health management practices by: engaging, connecting and collaborating with organisations who have developed Mental Health and Suicide Prevention strategies for the UK maritime sector; bench-marking current training provisions and; providing bench-marking tools for the maritime sector against mental health standards.
  2. To gather and share case studies profiling maritime organisations best practice guides and policies to assist and improve mental health across the sector including, but not limited, to: time to speak and toolkits for bringing crews together onboard.
  3. To provide individuals working in the maritime sector and companies with relevant information about mental health resources, best practice guides and toolkits including, but not limited to: creating a mentally healthy workplace; treating people well and; creating a safe space.


Our Holistic Approach and Culture of Care initiatives are aligned to the Thriving at Work standards. You can find out more about our initiatives below.

Upcoming meetings

Date Time Location
Tuesday 12th September 2023 (Industry Roundtable) 10:30 - 12:00 Online only via Teams

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