Digital Learning Lessons Captured Report - March 2021

What a long way training providers have come in a very short period of time! The authors of this report tell us that less than a year ago “the classroom remained the primary place where learning occurred, with online spaces providing opportunity for revision rather than amassing new knowledge”.

Closure of classrooms everywhere forced teachers to make a rapid shift to online learning, with some inevitable problems at first – “stressful and frantic for all concerned” – but also with growing success, and growing confidence all round. Challenges remain, but I doubt if anyone thinks we will simply go back to the ways things were before the pandemic struck. Too many people have seen the opportunities which digital learning offers.

The Commission initiated this project to capture lessons learned while they are still fresh, and to help education and training providers across the sector to reflect on those lessons and to embrace the most beneficial new practice.

We are very grateful to Lars Lippuner and Dr Carole Davis of Solent University for a stimulating and thoughtful report. In the nature of the subject it cannot be definitive, and the authors are careful to set out the limitations of their report. But we all hope that education and training providers of all shapes and sizes will be able to read the report (and the helpful concise summary) with their own circumstances in mind, and see their relevance. There are some particularly pertinent sections on when digital learning is less obviously appropriate, and on the work still to be done to help all learners to make the most of the opportunity – and all teachers and trainers.

You can read more about the Digital Learning project here. The full report can be accessed below.