Digital Learning

The Digital Learning Workstream is now complete. It focussed on the lessons learnt during the coronavirus pandemic the Report was published in March 2021 and is available to read in full at the bottom of this page.


The aim of this Workstream was to capture the lessons learned when providers made extensive use of digital technology for learning including:

  • What worked?
  • What did not work?
  • What barriers remain (if any) to the wider adoption of digital technology in learning?
  • What conclusions can we draw about when digital technology is not appropriate, and more traditional methods work better?

Current Situation:

This Workstream has been completed and the results were shared with Maritime Training Providers. The report has now been published and can be found here.

In March 2021 the Commission held a dissemination webinar to discuss the report in more depth. The webinar can be found viewed below.

The Commission continues to discuss recommendations from the report and has weaved them into the updated Scheme of Work.

Further Information and background:

The Commission initiated this workstream to capture lessons learnt during the coronavirus pandemic, and to help education and training providers across the sector to reflect on those lessons and to embrace the most beneficial new practices.

Every training provider had to adapt fast to the restrictions imposed because of Covid-19, with most making extensive use of digital technology to keep learners learning. This emergency response has almost certainly brought forward the day when there is widespread acceptance of the use of digital technology in learning, by providers and by learners. The Commission is looking to consolidate the gains by capturing and sharing the lessons learned.

The Commission is very grateful to Lars Lippuner and Dr Carole Davis of Solent University for a stimulating and thoughtful report. In the nature of the subject it cannot be definitive, and the authors are careful to set out the limitations of their report. But the Commisson hope that education and training providers of all shapes and sizes will be able to read the report (and the helpful concise summary) with their own circumstances in mind, and see their relevance. There are some particularly pertinent sections on when digital learning is less obviously appropriate, and on the work still to be done to help all learners to make the most of the opportunity – and all teachers and trainers.

Digital Learning Report Webinar - 25 March 2021