Workstreams and Projects

On 2 September 2020 the Maritime Skills Commissioners met to agree the initial Scheme of Work and starting projects for the Commission. The Scheme of Work was refreshed in early 2022.

The Scheme of Work is aligned to the objectives outlined by the Minister in the Tasking Letter.  The current timeline for the Scheme of Work projects and workstreams can be found below.

1 - 7 Labour Market Intelligence Scoping Report February - August 2020 (COMPLETED)
1 - 7 Seafarer Cadet Review September 2020 - June 2021 (report launch and project moved into Cadet Training & Modernisation (CT&M) Programme)
1 - 7 Cadet Training & Modernisation (CT&M) Programme Commenced in June 2021 (post report launch)
1 - 3 Future Ports Workforce Research: December 2020 - March 2022 (Report launched on 28 March 2022) Modelling: December 2022 - ongoing
7 Exporting Maritime Education and Training Commenced December 2020 - ongoing
4 Digital Learning Commenced December 2020 *report delivered in March 2021
2 - 7 Careers in Maritime Ashore February - May 2021 (COMPLETED)
1 - 7 People, Behaviours and Soft Skills Commenced Summer 2021
1 Skills for Green Jobs Commenced Summer 2021 *position paper launched in June 2022
Tasking Letter Review into Unnecessary Barriers for Recruiting UK Ratings Commenced Autumn 2022
1 - 7 Refreshed Labour Market Intelligence Report Commencing early 2023

The Maritime Skills Commission (MSC) is committed to regular and ongoing industrial engagement and we will be calling upon industry, academia and government to engage in evidence-based workshops. Whilst the MSC is not a funding body we are open to listening to ideas and will consider partnerships. If you have a project that aligns with our Scheme of Work and objectives we encourage you to make contact with a Commissioner – the MSC is comprised of Commissioners from across the breadth of the maritime sector. If you have any queries about this please feel free to contact Chrissie Clarke, Head of People Programmes and Operations here


Current Projects

Learn more about our current projects below.