Seafarer Cadet Review 2

The Seafarer Cadet Review 2 is the continuation of the Seafarer Cadet Review, focussing on the provision of seafarer cadet training.

This workstream is ongoing and is currently working to ensure that the delivery of cadet education and training is fit for purpose.

Further information on this workstream will be provided in due course.

Background and Further Information:

The MSC carried out the Seafarer Cadet Review and a report was produced in June 2021. This produced a number of recommendations and has led to the creation of two workstreams Cadet Training & Modernisation and Seafarer Cadet Review 2.

The full Seafarer Cadet Review Report is available here.

Refreshing the seafarer training system in the UK is vital for aligning skills with industry requirements, ensuring safety, seizing opportunities for growth, and reinforcing the country's position as a leader in maritime education and training.