Maritime Masters

Maritime Masters

Maritime UK’s Maritime Masters programme is strengthening links between UK industry and academia. The programme promotes academic excellence amongst students and their universities, whilst providing valuable research to support the maritime sector’s work.

The UK is the world’s maritime centre. Its offer in maritime services, encompassing education and research, is globally recognised and valued. The programme will help celebrate these academic and research assets.

Students are given the opportunity to adopt research topics suggested by industry, work closely with industry representatives and network with other students, academics and professionals from across the maritime sector through events and engagement throughout the year. The programme culminates each year in a high-level Finalist Reception, where finalist students selected by each of the participating universities, present their research to an audience of industry representative and one will be voted the winner. 

The University courses chosen represent a broad overview of UK academic abilities and a range of maritime disciplines, from maritime law and environmental studies, to engineering, naval architecture and maritime economics. Research projects forming part of the Maritime Masters programme will be concerned with the contemporary issues of the UK maritime sector and its position within the global maritime environment. 

Any student enrolled on the participating university’s selected course is eligible to participate in the programme and at programme events. Student finalists are chosen through an internal process at their respective university, but the programme aims to benefit the wider student cohort.

Collaboration in the maritime sector is currently at an unprecedented level. The Maritime Growth Study encouraged the various parts of the sector – across shipping, ports, marine, services, engineering and leisure marine – to work together. Since then, much has been achieved, and created a culture for further collaboration and delivery. The Maritime Masters programme, with research topics cutting across the sector, further cements cooperation. The programme also brings industry and academia closer together, reflecting the increasingly collaborative relationship, not least in the development of the maritime sector deal.

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