Exporting Maritime Education and Training

One of the Commission’s objectives, set for us by the Maritime Minister in the original Tasking Letter of July 2020, is to “increase exports of maritime education and training”.  

We started the process by bringing together interested parties and convening an initial meeting of organisations who export already or are keen to do so, and colleagues in the Department for International Trade whose purpose is to promote exports. Our initial objectives are:

  • To get a better understanding by all of the range and nature of current maritime education and training exports
  • To explore the scope for greater collaboration, both between organisations and with the Department for International Trade
  • To consider what barriers there are to greater effectiveness, and what might be done about them
  • To consider whether we should have a dedicated document showcasing the UK’s strong and broad capability in this field
  • To agree whether we should have some continuing mechanism to work together.

Progress to date has been:

  • We held an initial virtual roundtable in December 2020 and a recording can be found below
  • We shared and discussed this objective during our London International Shipping Week 'Educational Showcase' and produced a recording found here
  • We conducted a webinar on the 'Indonesia Opportunity' and the recording can be accessed below
  • We maintain and continuously update our Exporting Directory found below.

Exporting Directory

The purpose of the Directory is to support contact between organisations in the UK, particularly to help you find partners for your work overseas and to understand better the range of expertise available. It is not intended as a selling document for contacts overseas; that job is better done with something targeted for each opportunity. This Directory is a live document which is regularly updated. Organisations are listed alphabetically.

Iain Mackinnon is the lead Commissioner and he is keen to hear from anyone interested in this work.