Ratings Review

The Maritime Minister tasked the MSC to conduct a review to 'understand what the situation is with UK ratings training'. This review is currently underway, and a report will be published in due course.


This review was commissioned to understand 'what are the barriers and opportunities to training and where are the potential growth areas for UK ratings' and provide a series of recommendations for next steps. It was also requested that the review consider ratings to officer training.

 Background and Further Information:

In March 2022, the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) presented evidence to the Maritime Skills Commission (MSC) regarding 'Barriers to Progressing British Ratings'.

Following this evidence session, the Maritime Minister recognised the need to delve deeper into the state of UK ratings training. In response, the Minister tasked the Maritime Skills Commission with conducting a comprehensive review to gain a thorough understanding of the existing situation.

The outcomes of this review are expected to provide valuable insights and guidance for policymakers, training institutions, and industry stakeholders. The recommendations proposed by the MSC would serve as a roadmap for fostering growth and improvement in ratings training, ultimately benefiting the individuals seeking career advancement and the overall development of the UK maritime sector.

In the maritime sector, the term "ratings" is a general term used for skilled seafarers who carry out support for officers across in all departments. Ratings play a vital role in maintaining the ship's functionality and supporting the work of the officers.

The ratings system in the UK maritime sector typically includes various job positions, such as deck ratings and engine room ratings. Deck ratings generally work on the deck department, assisting with navigation, mooring operations, cargo handling, and general maintenance of the ship's exterior. Engine room ratings, on the other hand, are responsible for assisting the engineering officers in operating and maintaining the ship's machinery, systems, and equipment.