Cadet Training & Modernisation (CT&M) Programme

The Cadet Training and Modernisation Programme is now active. The programme structure and governance has been agreed and implemented, and the boards and consultation groups are formed.

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Current Situation

The Cadet Training and Modernisation programme is now its 8th month of delivery. The numerous stakeholders involved are focussed on delivery of the 23 recommendations detailed in the Maritime Skills Commission Report (June 21). Currently, there are approximately 47 people, across 30 organisations, dedicating hundreds of hours of their time and expertise to support the successful outcome of the programme. This is an exemplar transformation model, where the Maritime Industry are working together, to modernise and improve.

Augmentas Consulting have successfully tendered to conduct a detailed review of how Cadet Funding is managed.  This Options Analysis work will start on the 11th April. This detailed review will be under the direction of the Oversight Committee and is scheduled to conclude by July 22.

Additionally, a smaller consultation group is in the process of conducting an industry wide survey to gain feedback from EOW/OOW cadets to determine interest for additional funding for 2nd Level Certificate Qualifications.  The survey has received a good response and we will share the results and the next steps via this portal. This survey will help to reform Smart Funding in 2022/23 and beyond.

CT&M Group Membership Overview

The programme is managed by the Oversight Committee which met for the first time in November 2021. The purpose of the Oversight Committee is to guide the programme strategy and delegate delivery tasks to the Programme Board.  The Programme Board, made up of members representing multiple organisations across the industry, will ensure the programme delivers on the recommendations set out in the Maritime Skills Commission report and in accordance with the Oversight Committee’s instructions.

Four consultation groups have been formed to work on the required modernisation and funding. These groups report progress directly to the Programme Board.  

The groups are:

  • Education Policy & Technical
  • Cadet Funding
  • MCA Group
  • Programme Communications

Progress and updates related to the Cadet Training and Modernisation Programme will be shared here on the Maritime Skills Commission portal.  We will also use this platform to reach out to wider stakeholders to consult on matters arising to ensure we are as inclusive as possible.  A communication plan will be developed soon and the plan will be shared here.  


The Seafarer Cadet Review was led by Brian Johnson, CEO, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and a Working Group of Commissioners was formed including:

The group was established because the numbers of UK Merchant Navy officers being trained employed has seen a steady decline over several decades. Refreshing the seafarer training system in the UK will allow the well-regarded UK maritime training sector to adapt to the pace of change required and to strengthen its position in the international education arena..

The Review came at a request from the Maritime Minister in the MSC Tasking Letter. A Terms of Reference was been established for the Review and can be read here.

In late 2021, recommendations moved into implementation and the Cadet Training and Modernisation Programme was established. The Programme is coordinated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and draws input in from around the maritime sector to shape the recommendations and, following the outcomes from appropriate consultation the change will be implemented over the next two years. 

A Cadet Training and Modernisation Oversight Committee was set up reporting to the Minister and comprises for the following people:

  • Lucy Armstrong, Chair, Port of Tyne/Maritime Skills Commissioner
  • Graham Baldwin, Chair, Maritime Skills Commission
  • Mark Dickinson, General Secretary, Nautilus International/Maritime Skills Commissioner
  • Brian Johnson, Chief Executive, Maritime and Coastguard Agency/ Maritime Skills Commissioner
  • Ian McNaught, Deputy Master, Trinity House
  • Graham Westgarth, Vice President, UK Chamber of Shipping
  • Petra Wilkinson, Director of Maritime, Department for Transport (Chair)